The Caramel Kitten Library Twerk Video

So Caramel Kitten decided to go to a library of all places to make her next twerking video. She didn’t even make it inside before she had to start twerking at the book drop box in short shorts and teasing by showing a little of her ass cheeks! After doing that for a little she went inside in a book section aisle and started again drop and clap her booty while showing off her big butt. The Caramel Kitten didn’t really fit in at the library since most don’t go in like her dressed up in shorts shorts but most people don’t think of going in a library to twerk either!

The Caramel Kitten Twerking At Walmart Video

Here she is again, this time taking her twerking talents to WalMart in a dress and high heels. First off Caramel Kitten was twerking her ass by the cakes, then she went to the milk to make her booty bounce up up and down! She was really making her big ass clap real damn nice there! She wasn’t done yet because she had to go twerk by the ice cream where she spread her legs wide and made her ass drop and bounce! The Caramel Kitten loved twerking by the milk and ice cream and cake areas because she knows that her beautiful big booty is nice and sweet and needs the milk! Somebody’s milk needs to be sprayed all over it and catch it on video. She wasn’t done in just the WalMart fridge section, she went to the smelly fish tanks then Caramel Kitten finished it off by bouncing her big booty the beer!

Caramel Kitten Booty In Short Shorts

Here is video of Caramel Kitten in short shorts while laying on her stomach shaking her booty. She is using her ass muscles to shake that ass! She made this 7 minute video to show off her big bubble butt bouncing up and down. The Caramel Kitten doesn’t mind if you think about doing her doggy style and you let her bounce her booty up and down on you!